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MLA Introduction Paragraph

Writing good MLA introduction paragraphs

The MLA style of documentation is among the most commonly preferred documentation formats for academic research papers in literature, humanities and many other subjects. The MLA style is quite simple and flexible in its rules and accommodates almost all types of documentation requirements. However, there are certain features which make the MLA style different from the others. Starting from the introductory paragraph to the conclusion, all parts of term paper or research paper must be formatted appropriately. As the introduction is the first paragraph of your paper, you may start by formatting your MLA introduction paragraph in the most appropriate manner.

The vital elements of a good research paper introduction

The introduction of a research paper is expected to introduce the topic to the audience. An introductory paragraph must include:

• An interesting introductory statement on the topic.
• Relevant background information on the topic.
• The scope of the topic in the subject area.
• The nature of the research on that topic.
• The methodology used for research.
• The thesis statement.

Formatting the MLA introduction paragraphs

The mandatory elements of the research paper introduction, when arranged in an MLA introduction paragraph, must be placed with adherence to the project guidelines as well as the rules given in the style manual. Listed below are a few aspects you need to be careful about while framing your introductory paragraph as per the MLA style.

• Start the introductory paragraph right below the title. In an MLA style research paper, the title page is supposed to be a part of the first page of your research paper. The title page, or title box, takes up the top quarter of the first page. Your introductory paragraph may start right below the title, leaving double space in between.

• Start your introduction with a ½ inch indent. Remember that this is in addition to the one inch margin which is to be left on all four sides.

• Type your introduction in Times New Roman or any other fonts which is acceptable to your instructor in 10-12pt font size. Do not use fancy fonts anywhere in the document. And since the introductory paragraph gives your reader the first impression about your work, take some effort to make it look interesting and impressive.

• Try not to use abbreviations in the introductory paragraph. ‘Would not’ or ‘cannot’ would be more ideal than ‘won’t’ or ‘can’t’.

As the MLA style permits many kinds of alterations to suit the preferences of the instructors, it is very important for you to get an accurate idea of the points mentioned in the guidelines of your projects regarding the formatting of the project. Remember to check whether your instructor has asked for a separate title page before starting to write your MLA introduction paragraphs. If the project guidelines specifically ask for a separate title page, then you must start the introductory paragraph on a fresh page. If you are not feeling confident about preparing your MLA style research paper, let us know. Our highly experienced academic writers would be able to help you out with all your worries related to academic writing. We can assist you with all your academic writing issues starting from that of finding good literature topics, science topics, commerce topics and economics paper topics to that of dealing with essay ideas, research paper ideas and process paper ideas. We also offer outstanding custom research papers and Research Papers in all subjects and formats.

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