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Argumentative Term Paper Writing

A step-by-step guide to argumentative term paper writing

If you are new to term paper writing, you will be in need of some kind of guidance to deal with your first few assignments. The first point to note is that almost all Research Papers would be research-based projects. One of the most commonly assigned term paper projects is the argumentative term paper. It is also among the toughest of assignments to work on. In order to master the skill of argumentative term paper writing, you must know what it is all about and how you can efficiently go about the procedure.

The various stages involved in the preparation of an argumentative term paper

If you follow a systematic procedure while dealing with your term paper project, you will find it much easier to handle the task more efficiently and on time, without stressing yourself out too much. Here is the basic procedure you can follow, for your argumentative term paper writing project, adding or skipping whatever is or is not applicable to your assignment.

• Study the guidelines and take a note of the restrictions imposed by your teacher, regarding the various aspects of the project like the topic, the sources, the length of the paper and so on.

• Choose an argumentative topic which has enough scope in the subject area. An argumentative topic is that which can attract contradictory opinions.

• Find a good argumentative thesis which is original and practical enough to be proved. The thesis must have the potential to be argued against, for it to be interesting.

• Identify strong and credible sources to guide you with your research and to add credibility to your theory. Choose authors whose contributions to the research area are acknowledged.

• Determine the best methodology and most effective tools for research on your topic. You might also have to use a combination of qualitative and quantitative methodologies.

• Plan you research with due regard to factors like the deadline, the availability of sources etc.

• Try to complete your research on time without giving in to procrastination.

• Prepare an outline with the data collected. You may use a research outline template for the purpose, if you do not know how to prepare an outline.

• Expand the outline into a rough draft.

• Edit and proof read the document; format your paper as per the term paper format suggested by your teacher.

• Prepare the final draft.

Argumentative term paper writing, even though it doesn’t fall in the league of easy projects, is not as difficult as it s projected to be. By handling it in an organized manner and by making a careful choice of the fundamental elements or the building blocks of your paper, you can prepare an interesting, impressive and effective argument paper.

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