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What is a Research Paper Outline?

What are research paper outlines used for?

A research paper outline is not a formal document which would be submitted and judged by instructors. Does it mean that it is insignificant? It certainly doesn’t. An outline is not presented, as it is, to any instructor; but it clearly reflects through your research paper. Any teacher can spot a research paper which was developed from an outline, as it would look neat and organized. That determines the importance of every student finding out the answer to ‘what are research paper outlines and what they are used for’.

The purpose of a research paper outline

There are various purposes which are served by an outline; each of which involves simplifying the tedious research paper writing procedure. As you might be aware, research paper writing has various stages. Out of those, the final one is that of editing and proof reading the document to clear it of all errors and to fit it into the prescribed page limit. And when it comes to a research paper developed from an outline, the editing job becomes extremely easy and quite simple. Now, to take a look at what is a research paper outline aimed at:

• The main purpose of an outline is to organize the points. Right after your research, your points would be an untidy heap of words which would be comprehensible to you. But if you look at the same words after a couple of days, you will find that it escapes even your own comprehension as to what the text was meant to be. On the other hand, if you outline your research paper right after your research, you will be able easily follow them when you look at it later. You will also be able to position the points perfectly to bring out the best in each of them.
• A research outline also serves the purpose of giving you an overview of all the points. When you get to see all the points, distributed among the various components, it would be very easy for you to spot those spaces where you need to add more points and identify points which look too irrelevant to be a part of your paper.
• An outline would also help you in avoiding accidental digressions. Usually digressions are noticed only at the stage of editing and when you try to get rid of it at that stage, it would break the link between the paragraphs before it and after it. Then you will also need to rewrite it all to make it flow smoothly.

Hence, instead of wondering ‘what are research paper outlines’ you must try using it at least once to find out how useful it is. If you make a habit of preparing outlines for research papers, it will not feel like an additional task anymore.

Even if you learn the answer of ‘what is a research paper outline’ it will not help you much if you do not know how to prepare an effective one. An outline has no prescribed format like research paper or term paper formats. And only with practice, you will be able to prepare good outlines. If you wish to get a custom outline prepared for your project, we can assist you. Our writers are highly experienced in academic writing and would be able to prepare an effective outline for you. You may check out our samples section where we have some good examples of APA format papers, academic research paper examples, sample expository essays etc.

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