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University Admission Essay

A university admission essay is a necessary document that you need to submit in an application process. Most of the colleges and schools today implement at least two forms of evaluation procedures, the first one is for the students to take an exam, and the second one by writing a university admission essay.

For sure, you have already experienced writing different types of Research Papers with different goals. Those that you have probably composed before are argumentative papers, persuasive paper topics or narrative articles. However, a university admission essay is somehow different from these types of documents. The main goal of the essay is to make it easier for the college evaluators to see whether you have the necessary skills they are looking for in a right candidate for admission.

What does a university admission essay need to include? Actually, you are going to answer or comply with a specific question or instructions from the university. Most of the time, you will be answering direct personal questions that will enhance your character presentation skills. For example; What is you general plan as a university student? Why are you interested to become a student in our university? Or What social problems should we prioritize?

Just like writing any essays, a university admission essay also needs to follow the format in writing an article. Therefore, you must have a thesis statement, the Introduction paragraph, the Body and then the Conclusion. Be sure to cite your resources if ever you are going to use some materials.

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