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Topics for Research Paper

Finding a suitable topic for research paper

Research paper projects, with all the conditions and clauses, are the toughest of all academic assignments. The main challenge involved in writing a research paper is that of the intellectual involvement expected from you. You can never write a research paper out of a text book. You will have to contribute your own ideas and knowledge in addition to the points borrowed from the sources. And this is where most students find themselves at a loss. And the best solution to this problem is that of choosing the right kind of topics for research paper projects.

The specifications of an interesting topic

The choice of a good topic is one of the simplest ways of making your research paper project more enjoyable for you and more interesting to the audience. The specifications of a good and interesting topic for research paper would be as follows:

1. Originality: There are certain topics which have been researched on, many times. Such topics won’t carry much appeal unless you have a fresh angle to present.
2. Scope: Certain topics have high scope in the relevant subject area whereas some other topics don’t. A topic with a lot of scope would generate interest in the minds of the audience.
3. The nature of the thesis: Another aspect which can make or ruin a topic is the thesis. Only an interesting thesis can add to the appeal of the topic. A thesis which sounds totally improbable would make the audience prejudiced against your paper and a thesis which is too dull would take the appeal off the topic.

Identifying a suitable topic for a research project

If you thought that your job is over with finding an interesting research paper topic, then you are wrong. Just because a topic is interesting, you cannot take it for granted that it would be suitable for your project. Only if it fits into certain criteria, it can be called a suitable topic for research paper. The easiest way of finding the best research paper topic is to understand the aspects which make it the ideal one for a project. The suitable topic for a research paper assignment is that which:

• Fits into all the guideline instructions.
• Fulfills the objective of the assignment.
• Can be handled well within the given time.
• Is familiar enough to you.
• Suits the intellectual level of the audience.
• Has credible sources available for reference.

There is no dearth of topics for research projects. You will find long lists of research topics under every sector of study. And that exactly is what makes it difficult for you to spot the best one for you.

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