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Understanding the differences between a term paper and an essay

There are many types of academic assignments which are designed to test the students’ intellect and the level to which their grasp of the portions covered in the syllabus. Research Papers and essays are the most common types of assignments. Both are different in nature and must be handled in ways suitable for each of them. Understanding the objective of the assignments you handle is important while dealing with academic assignments.

Comparing a term paper and an essay

Having an idea of the specific requirements of the various types of assignments will help you in fulfilling the objective of each of those assignments. Let us take a look at the main differences between Research Papers and essays.

• Term paper assignments are, usually, research-based assignments which would clearly test the intellect of the students and their dedication to their academic commitments. But essay assignments do not, in normal cases, require the student to use external sources.

• Term paper assignments come up at the end of every term. Essays are not limited to any time period. Essays are assigned every now and then to check if the students are following the lessons.

• Term paper assignments are of varied nature. Any type of work – research papers, book reports, critical analysis papers, process papers and so on – can be assigned as a term paper. But essay assignments are normally of the same kind, even if the objective and specifications might change.

• The grades acquired in the term paper projects count when the students are judged on a wider scale of evaluation. But essay assignments usually count only in the classroom and for the student and teacher who assigned it.

• There are numerous components to a term paper. You might need to submit each of the parts of term paper separately, if the teacher asks for it. But essay assignments do not have separate components. It is a single document, unless specified otherwise.

• The term paper topics are to be found from a wider area whereas essay topics are usually limited to the portion which was recently covered. For example, if you are looking for economics paper topics, you will need to spend days at a time, in the library, looking for a good research topic in economics. On the other hand, if it is an essay project, you will mostly be given prompts to help you choose the topic and it would be limited to the matter in your text books.

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