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Standard Research Paper Format

Understanding the standard research paper format

There are various factors which must be put together to prepare an impressive research paper. It is not possible to lay out a research paper or term paper format which would suit all research papers alike, as each research paper project has its own unique objective. The nature of research, the methodology and the presentation methods differ from one assignment to the other. Each assignment is to be formatted as per the specifications of the documentation style you have been asked to use. But there is a standard research paper format which forms the base of all the documentation formats.

The key elements of the standard research paper format

Identifying the key elements of your paper and placing them appropriately within the various components of your paper, is the task you are facing while dealing with a research paper. You can list out those elements as follows.

1. An interesting topic
2. A strong thesis
3. Credible sources
4. Right methodology
5. Flawless language
6. Appropriate formatting
7. Impressive presentation

The mandatory components of a research paper

There are certain research paper components which are mandatory and some others which are optional. Your instructors have the liberty to decide whether the optional components must be included in the research paper or not. But the mandatory components form a part of the standard research paper format.

• The title page: Presents the title, the name of the author, the course title, the name of the professor and the date of submission. To be presented as per the specifications of the documentation style used.

• The introduction: Introduces the topic. Discusses the scope of the topic and the nature of the research. Gives relevant background information. Addresses the research problem. States the thesis.

• The body: Elaborates on the topic and the thesis. Discusses the research methods. Takes the audience through the various stages of research. Presents the evidence. Proves the thesis. Cites the sources through appropriate means of parenthetical references.

• The conclusion: Summarizes the key points. Reinstates the thesis stated in the introduction. Concludes the discussion, effectively.

• The bibliography: Gives complete information on the sources used for research. Must be prepared as per the rules of the documentation style you are using.

These are the main sections as per the standard research paper format. But you must study your guidelines to determine whether any of the optional components are also to be included. The best way to ensure that you haven’t forgotten to include any of the key points is to use outlines for research paper writing. It may not be a part of the standard format but it is among the most useful tools for research paper writing.

If you are new to research paper writing, it might take you some time to understand the standard research paper format and its specifications. You will find some good examples of APA format papers, college Research Papers and sample expository essays in our samples section. Those samples will help you understand what a good research paper is expected to look like. If you need any kind of assistance with your research project or if you wish to get accustom research paper prepared by professionals, we can assist you there. Our writers are highly qualified in their respective subject areas and duly experienced in academic writing. They will be able to prepare an impressive research paper for you as per your specifications and preferences.

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