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Sample Research Proposal Paper

How to identify good sample research proposal papers

Research proposals are presented to the authorities for the purpose of acquiring their consent to conduct research on a particular topic. Even though research proposals are not mandatory components for academic research papers, some instructors include it in their projects to give students some experience with the same. A research proposal paper is expected to give the authorities a complete idea of the research plan. And that calls for some preliminary research on your part to gather enough details to present to the authorities, about your idea. If you refer to some good sample research proposal papers, you will be able to get a clear idea of what all goes into an impressive proposal.

Preparing good research proposals

Understanding the objective of a proposal is very important for the purpose of preparing an impressive one. It would be most ideal to keep a good research proposal writing guide and a good sample research proposal paper, in hand, while preparing your proposal, especially if you are new to proposal writing. Try to choose a sample proposal which is prepared on a topic from your subject area itself as there are many aspects which depend on the subject area of research. The criterion used for the evaluation of each research proposal is different. But, there are certain aspects which make a research proposal interesting and impressive.

A good introduction to the topic and the thesis

A research proposal is meant to give the authorities a very clear idea about the proposed research and the expected outcome. And the first step is to introduce them to the topic and your thesis. Unless this is done well enough, the authorities may not be able to follow your concept. Give enough background information on the topic and stress upon its scope in the subject area. You may refer to some well-presented sample research proposal papers to find out how the idea can be introduced in an interesting manner.

Reasonable justification of the chosen methodology and sources

The methodology you would be using for research has to be most appropriate one for the authorities to find the proposal worthy of approval. It is so because only the right methodology would yield the best results. The credibility of the chosen sources also matters to a big extend. Your choice of sources will reflect your knowledge of the topic. Poorly chosen sources will leave an impression that you do not know enough about the topic to identify the best sources for it. Hence, choose the methodology and sources wisely and justify your choice in your proposal paper.

Flawless language

Irrespective of the subject area, your written language is expected to be flawless. Grammatical errors or spelling mistakes in your proposal will not only create a negative impression but also make your proposal too illegible to follow. And considering that you are the one who is in need of conveying the idea accurately, it is only appropriate that you pay attention to your grammar, spelling and sentence structure.

Getting external assistance

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