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Research Paper Proposal

How to prepare impressive research paper proposals

While presenting a proposal, the main aim is to get it approved; whether it is in an academic level or career level. Research paper proposals aim at getting the approval for a research project on a specific research problem. There are various aspects which are taken into consideration while evaluating a proposal. It is necessary for you to know those aspects in order to prepare an impressive research proposal.

The vital elements of a research proposal

There are various factors which are to be included in a proposal for a research project. You can list them out as follows:

• The topic: The research problem you wish to address. Aim at catching the attention of the authorities.

• The subject: The subject perspective from which you would be studying the topic. This is important as most topics are multi-faceted.

• The scope: The scope of the research problem. Research consumes a lot of time, money and energy. Hence, only research problems with enough scope get approved.

• The objective: Why did you choose that specific research problem? How do you expect to be benefited out of the project?

• The hypothesis: The solution to the research problem or your stance on the issue. A good thesis with a lot of practical application value would be appreciated.

• The sources: The reference material which you are planning to use. If you have credible sources to list, it will add credibility to your theory and make your research paper proposal look impressive.

• Your knowledge: The approval of a research proposal does not solely depend on the appeal of the topic. You also need to prove that you are knowledgeable enough to deal with the topic.

• Your special skills: Your special abilities in the research area. Research proposals are usually approved only if the applicants possess special skills in the specific area of research.

• Your credentials: Your qualifications and relevant experience in the research field. Unless you are qualified enough to work on the research problem, your interest in the topic or your skills would not get you an approval.

• The methodology: The research methodology and instruments you are planning to use. The mention of an inappropriate methodology might ruin the chances of an approval.

• The cost: The expenses involved in the research. Do not quote too high or too low. Quoting too high will make the authorities reluctant to agree; quoting too low will make it look like you are not aware of the actual expenses.

• The risks: The hurdles which may come up. No research is risk-free. Assess the possibilities of delays which might happen or expenses which may go up. List them out in your research paper proposal, without giving it a pessimistic tone.

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