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Research Paper Outline Worksheet

Preparing good research paper outline worksheet

Research paper outlines have been proved to be highly useful in simplifying the research paper writing process. Writing a research paper is a very long and tedious procedure. It is quite stressful and often leaves students struggling to meet the tight deadlines. And while trying to meet the deadline, students omit the outlines for research papers, believing that its absence will not be noticed. But it is not true. A research paper developed from an outline and one which was prepared without it is easily distinguishable to trained eyes. If you prepare a couple of good research paper outline worksheets, in formats which suit your preferences, you will be able to use it for all your assignments. All you will need to do is fill it in every time you need to prepare an outline.

Preparing a research paper outline worksheet

There are various things to be considered while you prepare a research paper outline worksheet for the first time.

1. The outline will not be a part of the final document. But as it is the framework of your research paper, it will clearly reflect through your document. Hence, it is necessary that you prepare your worksheet with due respect to all the fine details.

2. The order in which the outline is filled up should be determined logically. For example; even though the abstract comes before the research paper, it should be filled only after you have completed the research paper as an effective abstract is a summary of the research paper.

3. You should include all the optional components of a research paper also along with the key components, in your outline. If you are planning to put your worksheet to multiple use, then you can use or omit these sections as per the project requirements. For example; not all research paper projects require a ‘literature review’ to be submitted separately. But if you leave an option for that in your worksheet, you will be able to make use of it in case you need to submit it.

4. Separate the worksheet into sections as it would make it easier for you to follow the format. The abstract, the methodology chapter, the literature review and the main body of the research paper must be prepared separately. That way, you will be able to skip the optional components without affecting the other sections, when necessary.

5. Define the main sections and sub-sections clearly. Leave enough space, in your research paper outline worksheet, to contain the points in legible script.

Preparing research paper outline worksheets might look time-consuming but the time you spend on preparing the worksheet is worth every bit of it. Also, remember that a worksheet is only the frame of your research paper. What you fill into it and the order in which you organize the points also influences the impressiveness of your research paper. If you wish to get a custom outline worksheet prepared by professional academic writers, we can assist you there. Our writers are highly experienced in academic writing and also experts in their respective subject areas. We also offer all kinds of help with academic assignments which includes research paper or term paper format assistance, editing and proof reading and outlining. You can check out the examples of APA format papers given on our website as well as the college term paper samples and sample expository essays.

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