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Research Paper Outline Format

The various research paper outline format

Research paper outlines are among the most helpful tools for research paper writing. But, it also happens to be one of the most underestimated one. Many students prefer to omit this step as it is not a mandatory one and also because they are not aware of its significance. But once you figure out how useful a research outline is, you would never even think of omitting it. There are various research paper outline formats which are used for the purpose of outlining a research document.

Types of research outlines

There are two formats of outlines which are commonly used for research paper writing. Both are equally effective and you can bring about the same kind of results with both the types of outlines. The only difference between both is that of the base on which the outline is built.

The outline based on the structural components

There are various components in a research paper document; some of which are mandatory and some which are optional. You can use the research paper outline format which is based on the components, if you find it easy to comprehend.

a. The title page
b. Introduction

  1. The topic
  2. Background information
  3. Scope of the research problem
  4. Nature of research
  5. Thesis statement

c. Body paragraph I – first point

  1. Elaboration
  2. Discussion
  3. Justification

d. Body paragraph II – second point
e. Body paragraph III – third point
f. The conclusion

  1. The summary
  2. The thesis
  3. The concluding statement

g. The references section

The outline based on the structural elements

There are many elements which are vital to the development of an effective research paper. You can prepare your outline with emphasis on those elements.

1. The hypothesis
2. The purpose
3. The method
4. The main point
5. The second main point
6. The third main point
7. The main sources
8. The result

Picking a suitable research paper outline

Research paper formats or term paper formats are to be followed as per the specific instructions in the project guidelines and the format manual. But you will not have to worry about the rules about formatting the outlines for research papers. You may do it as it suits your understanding of the classification principle. You can prepare the outline through a step by step process.

1. Check out the two commonly used outline formats and pick the one you wish to use.
2. Consider the classification principle
3. Figure out the categories and sub categories you will need.
4. Identify your topic and thesis.
5. Note the page limit.
6. Allot the space for each point.

Research paper outline formats are meant to make it easier for you to organize your points and that objective can be fulfilled through both the formats.

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