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Research Paper Format (Title Page)

Understanding the specifications of research paper format (title pages)

The title page of a research paper is among the easiest to put together. Yet, an unreasonably high percentage of research paper submissions carry inadequately prepared title pages. This is mostly because this section is taken too easily and often prepared at the last minute. It is believed that there is little that could go wrong with this part of a research paper. That is quite true and that, exactly, is why it becomes such a big letdown for instructors to see poorly presented title pages. All you need to do is pay attention to the research paper format (title page) and the factors included in the section.

Identifying the right title page format for a research paper

Each research paper documentation style has its own preferred method of presentation for title pages. And, the format for documenting a research paper is usually decided by the instructor with respect to the subject specifications. As you handle academic assignments in your course, you will be able to gather a rather accurate idea of which all documentation formats you will be using most often. If you take some effort to learn the specifications of the research paper formats (title pages) your instructors prefer, presenting the title page need not be so difficult, after all.

The most commonly used formats for title pages

The most commonly used documentation formats in academia are the MLA and the APA format. Most students will be handling these styles quite often as these two styles are highly preferred for academic papers. Hence, it will be useful to have an idea of these research paper formats (title pages). Both these styles have very unique ways of presenting the title page.

The MLA format

The MLA format prefers the title page to be a part of the first page of the research paper. The name of the author, the name of the professor, the course title and the date of submission are to be printed on the top left hand corner of the page. The surname of the author and the page number, separated by comma, must appear on the top right hand corner. A couple of spaces below the date of submission, the title can be typed. The research paper should begin two spaces below the title.

The APA format

The APA format asks for a separate title page. The most unique feature of an APA style title page is the use of a running head. A part of the title, which makes complete sense while standing on its own, is used as the running head. This phrase appears on the top quarter of the title page and would be followed by the page number along the same line. The complete title appears a few spaces below the running head. The author’s name, the course title, the professor’s name and the date of submission may follow.

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