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Research Paper Format Examples

A good research paper format example

Research paper writing can get extremely tedious sometimes; and the research can stretch on and on leaving you short of time and energy by the time you are ready to write out your paper. But unfortunately, the writing process is as complicated and as tiresome as the research itself. There are many stages of writing and various factors which you will have to worry about. You will have to first prepare an outline for research paper, then develop it into a rough draft and then prepare the final draft. One of the stages which come towards the very end of the writing process is that of the formatting. It is not an easy task as it involves incorporating the style rules as well as the specifications of the assignment into your paper. Hence, it will be very helpful to you if you have a good research paper format example with you, for reference.

What to look for in a formatting sample

Once you learn the basic specifications of the presentation formats of research papers, applying specific style rules would be much easier. Each style has its unique way of presenting research papers. But the basic research paper or term paper format remains mostly the same.

• The title page: The method of presenting the information given on the title page is unique to each style. But the pieces of information remain the same. As you will find in good research paper format examples, you will be expected to give the title of your paper, your name, your course title, the professor’s name and the date on your title page. You must refer to the latest edition of the manual of style you are using to ascertain the appropriate method of preparing your title page.

• Spacing and font: Almost all documentation styles insist on double spaced typing as it makes the research paper more legible and easier to read. It also makes the paper look neat. The preferred font is usually the Times New Roman. But any similar font which is acknowledged to be fit for formal documentation can be used. The font size must be 10-12pt, depending on the font. Do not, ever, use fancy fonts in your research paper. Italics can be used with respect to the rules of your documentation style. The paragraphs must be spaced as per the style rules, as well.

• Margins: Margins are also set for the purpose of making the paper look formal as well as neat and well organized. One inch margins on each side would be good enough, in normal cases. And most research paper format examples will have one inch margins. But do comb your guidelines to check if your instructor prefers wider margins. The guidelines overrule all other existing formatting rules.

• The citations: You will be expected to cite your source twice in your paper – first within the text and then in a separate bibliographical reference section. Do this as per the specifications of your documentation style.

Ensure that the research paper format example you choose is a good one, as poorly formatted examples would mislead you into repeating the same mistakes. You will find some good examples of APA format papers and other good samples of college Research Papers and sample expository essays in our samples section, which you may use for reference. We also offer custom research papers and Research Papers in all subjects, prepared by highly experienced professional academic writers.

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