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Persuasive Essay Rubric-Scoring

Are you required to write a persuasive essay? Before you start writing your term paper for persuasion, let us first talk about the possible persuasive essay rubric that your instructor might utilize. Let us discover some information that your teacher would like to look for when you write the article.

There are simply so many types of essays that you can write about. You can compose an article using a broad aspect like argumentative research paper topics or a specific one like writing a Romeo and Juliet persuasive paper topic. In any case, you always need to first know what the rubrics for such essays that you need to be concerned about.

First of all, what is a rubric? A rubric is a scoring system that an instructor would want to implement for a specific learning task. Therefore, a persuasive essay rubric is a scoring guide for a persuasive paper article written by the students. Let us list down the criterion that your teacher might be looking for in your essay.

1.    The topic interest. Although it has usually a very minimal score equivalent, the topic interest should still have the characteristics of being significant, feasible and something that attracts readers.
2.    Thesis statement. The problem or the thesis statement is evaluated with a large score equivalent because this is the main idea of your paper.
3.    Structure. The persuasive essay rubric that intends to evaluate how well you have formatted your paper in a way that it is coherent, logical, persuasive and has a smooth flow of discussions.
4.    Ability to persuade. The overall capacity of your paper to influence the reader to accept or believe a notion probably has the highest score equivalent. This will depend on how well you have organized your thoughts and ideas to persuade the general audiences.
5.    Citation. The ability of the student to use exemplary citation skills is evaluated.
6.    Proofreading. A persuasive essay rubric will always involve the criterion of evaluating the writer’s ability to proofread.

If you are looking for some resources to know more about persuasive essay rubrics, you can read through the Archives’ articles in this website.

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