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Motivation Essay

Motivation Essay

Motivation plays a great part in our everyday life. Once an individual sets any goal, he or she will not succeed without reasonable ground. Thus, writing motivation essays, one should describe its importance and express it as an essential lever to successful performance.

To make a good explanation of how to compose a good and appropriate motivation essay we shall deepen into the core of motivation concept. We will try to show guiding lines and supporting features that may help enhance your motives.

Motivation as such

Motivation is something that encourages to doing your best. It is like an impulse to some actions that determines the type of human behavior. The stronger your motivation is the better result you will get.

Motivation is usually presented by specific emotions that may have either positive or negative characteristics. Basically, it refers to a complex of tangible and intangible factors that provide high-quality and highly productive work.

Goals of motivation

Commonly motivation can be considered as an abstract object or as an economic category. All of the above describes motivation in general. As an economic category, it refers to systematic phenomena derived to stimulate workers to perform well.

• to attract new employees;
• to reveal workers’ potential and hidden talents;
• to retain good and perspective employees.

Motivation types

As we have already mentioned, motivation can be positive and negative. Although both characterize motivation well, neither the first nor the second one reveals the entire features. Thus, there exist other types of motivation.

• intrinsic and extrinsic motivation;
• positive and negative motivation;
• stable and unstable motivation;
• the motive of self-affirmation;
• motif identification with another person;
• power motivation;
• procedural content motifs;
• the motive of self-development;
• the motive to achieve;
• pro-social (socially important) motives;
• affiliation motive.

As you can see, regardless the fact that one can clearly understand the meaning of motivation as such, very few people realize that the concept can be spread more widely. To clarify the idea to yourself, try to imagine that you have to perform some works but have no eagerness for that. Than make up some factors that can encourage you and persuade to perform this particular work at the highest level of efficiency. In such way you will have the possibility to see mechanism of motivation in action.

Writing an essay

Composing motivation essays, please consider all of the above and do not hesitate to go online for extra help. As well, feel free to consult your mentor on any occasion. He can shed some light on the matters that confuse you and also customize it a bit.

To make your motivation essay interesting and comprehensive, use some examples from real life. Do not overload your work with senseless information and try to combine formal and strict details with outdoor stories.

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