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History Research Paper Format

The specifications of the history research paper format

History research papers are often feared by students as history researches are among the most difficult ones. It is no easy job to dig into the past and find relevant information which is also credible. There are many formats which are used for documenting academic research papers in history. But the most preferred history research paper format is the Chicago style. Once you get an idea of the specific requirements of a history research paper, you will be able to prepare your history research paper in a much simpler yet efficient manner.

Understanding the history research paper format

The formatting and presentation methods of the Chicago style helps in conveying the content matter of history research papers in the most efficient manner. The specifications of the history research paper format, with respect to the rules of the Chicago style, can be listed as follows:

• The title page: Pick a title which conveys the content matter of the paper accurately. Do not use too many dates or names in the title. Place the title on the top quarter of your title page, centrally aligned. Your name, the course title, the professor’s name and the date are to be placed at the bottom of the page, centrally aligned.

• The introduction: History researches involve traveling back in time. And for the same reason, it is extremely important that you present you introduce your topic in such a way that your audience are able to connect to the right time span and follow your paper as you proceed. State the thesis clearly.

• The body paragraphs: This is where you would dissect your topic, present the facts collected and prove your theory. Be very careful about the dates and names you include as they form the building blocks of a history research paper. The history research paper format, or the Chicago style, encourages the use of footnotes in the place of parenthetical references. This can be duly justified when you consider the fact that history papers contain so many dates and names. Including citations within the text would mean more names and dates, among those which are a part of the text, which can confuse the readers. Hence, footnotes prove a more appropriate method of in-text citations for history papers.

• The conclusion: Summarize the main points while avoiding the use of too many dates and names, for the concluding paragraph. Reinstate the thesis with due respect to that which was stated in the introduction. Conclude the paper efficiently by mentioning the scope for further research on the topic.

It is not difficult to understand the history research paper format. But applying it without making any mistakes might prove to be a challenge as the research paper writing comes after the long and tedious research procedure. Preparing outlines for research papers in history has proved very effective in avoiding mistakes with dates and names. If you are too exhausted to prepare your history research paper, we can assist you. We have writers who specialize in the field of history to help students with their history research paper or term paper formats. You may go through our samples section where we have some very good examples of APA format papers, college term paper samples and sample expository essays, in order to get an idea of the expertise of our writers.

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