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Argumentative Research Paper Format

Particulars of the argumentative research paper format

There are various types of research papers which are assigned to students of higher levels of education. One of the most common ones among them is the argumentative research paper. As the term accurately conveys, an argumentative research paper requires you to place an argument and prove it. You must know what distinguishes this type of research paper from the others, in order to be able to prepare your paper as per the most effective argumentative research paper format.

The specifications of an argumentative research paper

You are indeed required to prove your point in all types of research papers. But that does not put argumentative research papers in the same league as the other types of papers. Argumentative research papers are certainly different and the main difference lies in its basic elements and the nature of presentation. The argumentative research paper format used for presenting your theory would give expected results only if those basic elements are in place.

• The topic: Not all topics can be used for an argumentative research paper. An argumentative research paper topic must be capable of inviting counter argument. For a very simple example, it has been proved that earth is round in shape. Hence, the shape of earth can never be a topic for an argumentative paper as nobody will place a counter argument upon the shape of the earth. On the other hand, if you think that the earth is flat, then you have an argument there.

• The thesis: A strong thesis is a vital element of an argumentative research paper. You cannot argue upon something that has already been proved beyond doubt; nor can you use the most obvious as your argumentative thesis. ‘Global warming is harmful’ can no more be used an argumentative thesis as it has already been proved beyond doubt. ‘Women are victims of domestic violence’ is also not an argumentative thesis. It is the obvious. But, ‘Global warming is not as harmful as projected’ or ‘men are victimized by being accused of inflicting domestic violence upon women’ can make interesting theses, if you have enough evidence towards the same.

• Strong sources: Here, the term ‘strong’ indicates credible and relevant sources. The credibility of the source depends on the credentials of the author as well as his known contributions to the researches in the subject area. A source which focuses upon the research problem would be more ideal, to support your argument, than one which just touches upon the issue as a part of another discussion.

Your argumentative research paper format must be determined with due respect to the style guidelines as well. Each subject has its own specific requirements of research documentation and these are usually met through the rules of the respective styles.

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