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APA Research Paper Format

Citing sources in the APA research paper format

Students who are pursuing sociology or psychology for their higher studies would be familiar with the term ‘APA research paper format’. This research paper documentation style was developed by the American Psychological Association of America with regard to the specific documentation requirements of psychology. The style called ASA, which was developed by the American Sociological Association, is quite similar to the APA style. Hence, in academia, this style is highly preferred by sociology as well.

The formats cannot be applied while preparing the outlines for research papers, as the points would still be in a precise form. This often becomes the reason why many students forget about this vital part of research paper writing till the time they sit down to edit the document. And, in that situation, the formatting gets done in a hurry, leaving a lot to be bettered. When it comes to writing styles like the APA research paper format, which is very particular about the fine clauses defined in its style manual, a last minute formatting is somewhat impossible to manage.

How to cite the sources as per the APA style rules

The most important part of formatting a research paper involves citing the sources appropriately. There are many types of sources, each of which needs to be cited in detail. All research paper or term paper formats require students to cite the sources in two ways – Within the text and in a separate bibliography section. The APA format uses:

• The in-text citations in the ‘author-date’ format. The surname of the author and the date of publication are to be given, separated by comma and enclosed in brackets, next to the cited information.
• A separate section for bibliographical references with the heading of ‘References’. The information given here will be linked to the cited portion using the parenthetical references, given within the text. The list is to be organized in alphabetical order of the surnames of the authors.
• Absolutely no footnotes for reference purposes. Make sure that, even if you use footnotes, they are not for the purpose of citing a source or for giving additional details of the sources used. Footnotes, in APA style, can be used only for giving extra information, which might be too irrelevant to the topic of discussion but useful for further reference, on any part of the text.

The APA research paper format has many features which are unique to it. It is not as flexible as the MLA style either. Hence, it is extremely important, for students who use this style, to get an accurate understanding of its specifications.
If you are not sure of how to go about preparing your APA style paper, you may take a look at the examples of APA format papers listed in our samples section. You can also consider getting a custom research paper prepared, in the APA research paper format, by our professional academic writers. Our writers have been helping students with their academic assignments, over the years, and are highly experienced in academic writing. You can check out our samples section where you would find some good sample expository essays, college Research Papers etc, for free reference.

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