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APA Format Research Paper Outline

The basic APA format research paper outline

The APA format was developed by the American Psychological Association; hence the name APA. This format is highly preferred by the social sciences and also used by many other subjects. There are various specifications which make this style different from the other commonly used documentation styles. The APA research paper or term paper format is very strict and totally inflexible when it comes to its rules and conditions. Hence, it is necessary for you to have a reasonable idea of the basic APA format research paper outline, if you use this style often for your academic assignments.

Understanding the APA format and its specifications

While figuring out a particular style of documentation, it is necessary to pay attention to the specific instructions and restrictions mentioned in the style manual. The APA style has very specific methods for the formatting of each component of a research paper. The following outline for research paper in APA style illustrates the basic requirements of the style. This APA format research paper outline will help you understand the unique nature of this documentation style.

The title page:

• The running head and the page number on the top, left corner.
• The complete title of the research paper on the line which separates the top quarter of the sheet.
• The name of the author, the course title, the name of the professor and the date to be printed one below the other, starting on the line which separates the bottom quarter of the sheet.

The body:

• Should be typed double-spaced, with one inch margins on all sides.
• In text citations in the “(author, date)” format where ‘author’ stands for the surname of the author and ‘date stands for the year of publication.
• Footnotes are to be used for the purpose of giving additional information, on any part of the text, which is too irrelevant to be included in the paper.

The references:

• The bibliographical reference page starts on a new sheet.
• The heading of ‘References’ is to be typed centrally aligned on the first line of the sheet.
• The sources are to be cited as per the specifications mentioned in the manual regarding the citation format for each type of source.
• The list is to be arranged in the alphabetical order of the author’s surname.

This is just the basic APA format research paper outline. At the time of handling a project, you must refer to the latest style updates as well as your project guidelines and format the research paper accordingly. You may check out our samples section where you will find some very good examples of APA format papers, which are free for reference.

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