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What is a term paper?

Some students who are first time writers will ask a question ‘what is a term paper? Sometimes, it is enough to look among reference materials online but to have a better grasp of what a term paper really is, let me give you a simple explanation and provide you the parts of the paper.

A term paper is simply a compendium of analyzed thoughts about a document or an article in reference. Sometimes, it is also a paper that provides a synthesis of explanations about a certain topic. Also, it can be a written answer or resolution for a problem initially stated. Now what are the steps in writing a good term paper?

  1. Choosing the topic is the first step. You need to have a subject that is significant, important, relevant, interesting and you are familiar with it.
  2. Look for resources and materials for referencing. It is necessary that you use reliable and credible materials.
  3. You need to gather these materials and transfer the contents in to your own interpretation and notes.
  4. Create an outline for the paper. The outline will serve as the backbone and plan of your term paper. Make sure that you structure the outline in a way that it will present the discussions coherently.
  5. Write the term paper. Usually, the first draft may involve problematic qualities so you need to have it evaluated by the teacher if there are some modifications that need to be done, revise the paper.
  6. After you have completed the revision, you need to proofread the term paper. Eliminate errors related to spelling and grammar as well as with inaccuracy matters.

What is a term paper is probably a question that can be answered by this article or if you are going to use an example of term paper. If you need more help, simply visit our Archives and Sample section.

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