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The Term Paper – Basics that You Need to Know

The term paper is one of the most dreaded types of class projects. In most schools, writing such an article gives the teachers an opportunity to evaluate the different aspects of learning. The students are graded based on their ability to select a good topic, construct a thesis statement, being resourceful, being responsible and being a good communicator. Writing the term paper also teaches the students to acknowledge other resource materials by applying citation styles in APA or MLA format Research Papers.

So what are the basic steps in writing the term paper that is required of us? There are only minimal sets of procedures in writing. Actually, a term paper can prepare you in writing more advanced research papers like thesis or dissertation. SO in this case, you need to know the basics in writing such papers.

  1. Write the term paper proposaland have it approved by your teacher.
  2. Choose the topic that is feasible, significant and interesting.
  3. Build your thesis statement.
  4. Gather as much resource materials as you can.
  5. Select the files that will give you the best research results.
  6. The basic parts of a term paper are the title page, introduction paragraph. Body and conclusion paragraph. Include a bibliography page.
  7. Proofreading your term paper is the last step. Eliminate errors in spelling and grammar structures.

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