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Science Research Paper

How will you write your science research paper? Do you still remember the scientific process of doing experiments? If you do, then you can simply implement it and then write a research paper. A science research paper is all about writing on a topic involving science. But even if you are simply writing a regular research paper about any topics, you can still apply the methods of experimental design.

A science research paper is obviously about a topic related to any but not limited to the following, biology, physics, chemistry, meteorology, geology, astronomy and computer and technology. You can choose any topics that you like. But the more important thing is that you know the parameter chapters of a research paper. So what are these parts?

Introduction – primary chapter that will talk about the topic.

Abstract – a small executive summary of the entire research paper.

Literature review – the summary or review of other related research papers with the same topic.

Methodology – the chapter that explains how data were gathered and used.

Data and Analysis – the presentation of details after the research.

Conclusion – the last chapter that summarizes the entire research result.

As you can see, the chapters of a science research paper are just the same with any other subject scopes. This is true because there should be a universal system of writing for all research papers.

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