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Non Plagiarized Research Papers

We should be very careful in using other documents as references for our research papers. A term paper is an article that will include research results. That being the case, it is probably easier to use the results of other papers and integrate them into our own projects. Well, it is possible but always remember that you need to recognize your paper’s sources of info. Students are sometimes careless in using other paper’s results. This situation may lead to plagiarism offenses even if you do not intend to do it. However, there are certain ways for you to write non plagiarized Research Papers. We will teach you how.

Plagiarism happens if a student deliberately used another document’s results, ideas and data without the consent of the author. It also happens when you do the same act without recognizing it and telling your readers that you got the information from another source, that the info in your research paper is not yours. There are situations when students are not even aware that they committed plagiarism. These cases can be justified but it will take a lot of deliberations and evaluations among your advisers. That is why you should be aware of the ways to write non plagiarized Research Papers.

The first tip for you is to write an original term paper. You should not depend on other documents when writing your research project. Of course, you may read other documents to learn more about your chosen topic of interest. However, always be careful not to be carried away by your sources of info. Sometimes, we will be able to write our papers but unconsciously we do not realize that the ones we have read influenced our statements in our papers. In order to prevent plagiarism, rephrase another document’s statement and tell it in your own words.

Secondly, you can use the terms “According to…”, “Based on…” or “(Name) said that…” if you want to directly use another person’s ideas. This way, you are telling your readers that you do not own the data and knowledge and you got it form someone else’s work. It is an effective way to reduce the possibility of you committing plagiarism. The safest way to use another document’s info is to use direct quote under the in- text citation principle. You can actually copy the exact info from another file and integrate it into your paper. Enclose the data in quotation marks and then put the author’s name at the end. Learn how to do this by reading our MLA and APA citation articles.

Lastly, you can actually check if you have written non plagiarized Research Papers. After you have completed the last page of your work, you can upload a copy of it online. There are websites that offer plagiarism checks for documents. Simply copy the text and paste it on the plagiarism checker website. It will then scan the entire web space for possible matches to other online documents. This is a foolproof methods to detect plagiarism as long as you are 100% sure that you did not intentionally copy data from other documents.

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