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Global Warming Research Paper

Term paper writing is not supposedly only about the process of writing. It should also include the selection of a good topic. One of the subjects that we are suggesting to most students relates to current issues that are influencing the way we live. A global warming research paper can then be a good example. What is global warming? It is an environmental phenomenon that involves the increased heat inside the earth’s atmosphere. There may be many factors that cause it and one that we know all about is pollution.

A global warming research paper may involve certain perspectives of writing. Term paper ideas such as those involving issues can deviate from the normal informative essay type. You can write an opinion essay and tackle what you think of the problem; an analytical essay that discusses the factors that influence global warming or even a cause and effect essay that will logically explain why these environmental problems happen.

For a starter, you may need to first use a term paper example to serve as a guide. But eventually you will only need it for the structure and not for the topic selection of the term paper. So what are the most convenient topic variants in choosing for a global warming research paper subject? I will suggest some of them but you can still modify a topic on your own:

  1. The causes and factors that initiate global warming.
  2. Pollution in the environment and global warming.
  3. Other global warming causes aside from human activities.
  4. How global warming will shape our future.
  5. The global warming results of industrial revolution.
  6. Ways to curb the effects of global warming.
  7. Are global summits effective against global warming?
  8. Global warming vs. economic stability.

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