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Term Paper Introduction

In order to start a discussion on a given topic, you need to acquaint your listeners first with the subject. This is the same when writing a term paper. You have to make sure that you introduce the topic to your readers so that they will know what to expect as they read the article. How do we write a good term paper introduction? Writing the parts of a term paper is not very different from essay segments. In fact, you may even consider the term paper as a more technical form of an essay. Let us see how you can make your intro more interesting.

The term paper introduction can start with a good sentence hook. The hook is the part that will catch the readers’ attention. This way, they will notice your work because your first sentence is very enticing. What are the different ways to write a hook? You can have a quote from a literary article, ask an open-ended question or simply shock the readers with a very assertive claim. Hooks are good tools to make readers become interested to your paper.

The next part of the introduction is the background of the topic. This is where you need to acquaint your readers with the topic that you intend to discuss. Of course, you cannot simply furnish the intro with all the details of your discussion. Just give the readers some hints what you are trying to convey to them and it should be enough. This will give them an idea whether to see or not to see your term paper contents. Therefore, you have to write an intro that will truly engage the readers to read your work.

The last part of the term paper introduction is the thesis statement. This is the most important part of the article. The thesis will give your readers an idea what you really want to discuss. It is your take on the subject matter that will initiate the discussion. When writing a thesis statement, make sure that it has the following properties: assertive, specific with the topic and targets only a single idea. The thesis statement can be in declarative, opinion or question form. However, it can also be in a form of generalizing an idea.

The term paper introduction makes it a point that the readers have an idea what the term paper is all about. You cannot simply jump to your discussion parameters in order to catch the readers’ attention. Primarily, the intro gives the audience a chance to take a glimpse of what the whole term paper has to offer. If you need some term paper samples, we can provide documents to you for free. Simply go to our Samples section and download a file.

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