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Learning to Craft Term Paper Ideas from Writing Prompts

Writing prompts are, quite honestly, a writer’s best friend.  They benefit every single type of writer you can think of, because frankly, writer’s block does not discriminate.  It can strike fiction writers and non fiction writers.  Writers of academic papers, journalists, role players, poets – it can strike all of us.  Even if you do not have a full fledged case of writer’s block, sometimes there are occasions where you just do not know what in the world to write about, when you simply cannot come up with a topic.  This is a problem with high school and college students especially.  Even when your teacher or professor supplies you with a broad subject, or a list of choices, you simply cannot pick anything.  Perhaps you just do not know how to craft a good topic.  This is particular a problem with Research Papers.  Generating term paper ideas that will be interesting and informative can be difficult.  However, prompts can definitely help you nurture the skill.

Writing prompts are ideas, plain and simple.  They generally show up in high school.  Your teachers are preparing you, in part, for the essay section of your PSATs and your SATs.  More than anything, however, they are preparing you for the writing you will do in college.  In addition to term paper writing, that includes essays, research papers, proposals, and dissertations.  You see, the prompts will show you all the components needed to come up with good term paper ideas.  The questions that need asked, the type of answers required, the sort of explanations necessary, et cetera.

You can learn the correct term paper format from writing prompts as well.  Of course, you will learn the basic format, the bare bones of it, but that is the foundation you need for more intensive academic writing.  So, naturally, when answering a writing prompt, you begin with the introduction.  Here, you give a basic summary or overview of your central idea – or thesis statement, which it will become later.  Basically, you state what you intend to do or prove in your paper.  After the introduction becomes the body.  This is the real meat and potatoes of both essays and Research Papers – and research papers, et cetera.  Here is where you prove your argument.  Explaining the steps that get you to your answer is essential.  Whereas, with prompts, you can usually use your own personal experiences and opinions to answer, when you get to term paper writing, you will begin to site references and sources.  Lastly, your conclusion basically reiterates your central idea and the steps taken to prove it.

You can check out a research paper example right now, and see how it compares to the answer you have written to a prompt.  It is a guarantee that you will see echoes of your own structure in the term paper format.  It will simple have a few extra aspects, necessary to the genre.

As you can clearly see, writing prompts are not only helpful, but they are actually quite necessary as well.  They provide you with the foundations you will need in later years.  Term paper writing especially can be very difficult if you do not know what you are doing.  Furthermore, what comes as a shock to a lot of first year college students is having to come up with their own term paper ideas, which their teachers used to do for them.  However, by remember the prompts you have written on, you can take the structure of those questions and apply them to your own topic formation.

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