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Outline Plan of a Research Paper Proposal

What is the starting point of all term paper writing tasks? When you are going to write a research paper, it is important that you first create a simple plan that is also called a research paper proposal. It is considered a necessary document because you can define the actual research tasks in the proposal even before you start your researching and writing projects. What should a normal research paper outline contain?

A research proposal is in all essence a proposal. It is like you are soliciting an approval from your advisor whether he is also interested for you to research a topic. This encompasses not only the topics but also the aspects of actual procedures that you are going to undertake. Usually, the research paper proposal is a small reflection of the entire research paper, both in format and contents. But to make it a little easier to read, you only need the special and significant parts.

  1. The thesis statement should already be integrated in a research paper proposal. This is your core idea on what to research.
  2. When you have chosen a specific term paper idea, you can also include a little explanation why you have selected that topic and why you are interested to talk about it.
  3. The next part is the methodology segment. You must summarize how you are planning to acquire the data and information that are needed to support your researching.
  4. The literature review part may also be integrated simply by discussing in a small paragraph all  reference materials that are related to your plan.
  5. Lastly, the proposal should also contain a brief paragraph that explains what things you are expecting to come out from your research plan. You can check a sample research paper from our Archives on how to write your proposal.

You can select any formats in writing your research paper proposalMLA format research paper, APA or Harvard. Just remember to present them in a numbered list for a more organized proposal.

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