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How High School Essay Prompts Benefit Research Papers

How many of us have not experienced the joy of high school essay prompts?  In the ninth grade, they are something of a novelty.  In the tenth grade, for most of us they start coming around much more often. This is mostly because the majority of high school students take the PSATs either that year or the year after, sometimes the summer in between.  By the time you reach the eleventh grade, it seems like you are getting them all the time – this time, however, it is in preparation for the SATs or ACTs themselves.  One would think, then, that they would make no appearance in the twelfth grade – after all, why would mighty seniors need to deal with writing prompts?  However, at that point, they become even more important.  You have – perhaps! – done well on your SATs, you have certainly started sending in college applications and might have gotten accepted by many of your primary choices already.  Now your teachers are earnestly trying to prepare you for the academic writing you will experience in college, especially Research Papers and such.

That is really the core value of high school essay prompts.  They can greatly help you with term paper writing when you get to college.  For that matter, they also come in handy with essays, research papers, theses, et cetera.  It might seem ridiculous to think that essay prompts can actually help you out with term papers, but when you stop to think about it, the connections become quite clear, even obvious.

For instance, the prompts your teachers give you are actually a guideline.  They will not only help you to come up with strong, sound term paper ideas of your own, but they will also show you exactly what you need to write a good paper.  By simply paying close attention to the structure of the writing prompts you are given, the questions they ask, the answers they are asking for, et cetera, you can learn quite about the things you will be required to incorporate when you begin writing Research Papers in college.

Arguably, some people might say that high school essay prompts have no real influence on term paper writing, because college papers are so much different than what you write in high school.  However, do think back to your eleventh and twelfth grade years, especially those of you who had Honors and/or AP (advanced placement) English classes.  In those classes, your teachers start expecting much more from you – and from your papers.  You are then required to do independent research, et cetera.  You have to choose your own research paper topic – just like you will in college.  You have to formulate your own thesis statement.

All of these are tasks that would be well nigh impossible, had you not had the experience of high school essay prompts.  In a very real way, they lead you.  They let you see what the structurally sound basis for Research Papers will look like.  Moreover, they give you exactly the essential tools you will need to later come up with good term paper ideas on your own. Follow the link to get some sample papers online.

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