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The Connection between Descriptive Essay Prompts and Research Papers

Believe it or not, there is a direct and special correlation between descriptive essay prompts and Research Papers – particularly descriptive ones, of course.  In order to understand that connection, we naturally need to know the core requirements of each paper.  Examining the fundamentals of each style of paper reveals the less subtle similarities.  Some of the benefits are quite obvious, however.

For example, clearly prompts will be able you to craft an excellent descriptive term paper, by virtue of being familiar with and having foreknowledge of the format and style.  You generally receive prompts – persuasive and otherwise – during your middle school and high school years.  It is tempting for college students to look back at the work they did during those years and dismiss it as kiddie stuff.  However, your high school teachers especially are preparing you for the whole, meticulous, detailed process of term paper writing.  When they give you prompts, they are basically giving you examples to follow.  You will learn exactly the kinds of things you need to answer and the exact questions you need to ask to create a good college term paper.  From there, you will learn how to create sound, solid thesis statements.

Now then, let us discuss what descriptive essay prompts are – their design, their purpose, et cetera.  Succinctly, a descriptive prompt is, of course, demanding a descriptive essay.  These simply need to describe a person, a place, a thing, et cetera, in vibrant and vivid detail.  The essay needs to be so detailed that your reader will be able to form a likewise dazzling image of what he or she reads.  Intriguing comparisons, rich and imaginative language, the ability to paint a picture with words – those are the components of a descriptive essay.

A descriptive term paper follows that same idea.  Even though it is a term paper, you are allowed to evoke the reader’s senses when you describe your subject.  Sight, touch, scent, hearing, taste, and their emotions – you can try to touch everything with your writing.  As you can imagine, you have a wider scope of possible term paper ideas as well.  Here, even when presenting facts, you have permission to paint a literary picture with your words.

This is not precisely like traditional, more technical term paper writing.  For instance, these Research Papers can be either objective or subjective.  Generally, you will be able to decide for yourself.

Descriptive papers are extremely popular in college literature classes these days, along with a number of others.  By having a strong background in and experience with writing descriptive essay prompts, you are getting a jump start on your grade point average.

More importantly, descriptive essay prompts provide you with the resources necessary to later come up with interesting customterm paper ideas on your own.  Granted, a college term paper is much different than a high school essay, but every really good idea is quite simple at the core of things.  Even the theory of relatively started out as a simple math equation; once upon a time, flying was just a physical theory.

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