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3 Possible Essay Prompts

Essay prompts are a great way to prepare yourself for more intensive writing, be it Research Papers, research papers, dissertations, or theses.  Looking up prompts and writing about them on your own is a sure way to hone your writing skills.  That way, by the time you reach college and beyond, you will already be quite skilled at something you will be doing a lot of – writing and researching.

Your Research Papers, in particular, will benefit from all the essay prompts with which you practice.  Furthermore, doing them on your own will help you tremendously on those occasions when your teacher or professor drops one in your lap with no notice whatsoever!  Term paper writing in general can be greatly helped when you get used to writing something informative, descriptive, and well structured in a very quick period of time.

So, with that being said, let us discuss a few examples of good essay prompts.  You can find these anywhere on the Internet.  The ones used for this essay were found on a page associated with a well known and quite prestigious university in the United States.  Pages like those can help you with term paper writing in general, as most of them offer step by step instructions.  More importantly, to this end, prompts can help recognize the components which go into a really fantastic, descriptive term paper.

Example 1: As society evolves, so do the ways we raise our children – and the way we think children should be raised in general.  Craft an comparison essay revolving around the way you think children should be raised and the techniques your parents used to raise you.  If you like, put it in letter form; pretend you are writing into a parenting magazine, a pediatric journal, or to a teenager you know.

Example 2: Parents who work generally recognize the link which exists between the state of the economy and the lives of individual families.  Meaning, they are accustomed to needing babysitters, nannies, et cetera, to watch their children during working hours.  Some parents and experts thinks this negative affects children, some do not.  How do you feel about this?  Did you experience it as a child?  Discuss how it affected you.

Example 3: It is well known that colleges consider extracurricular activities as well as grades when considering an applicant.  Do you agree with this or disagree?  Should extracurricular activities be considered more important than academic achievements?  What should the ratio be between them?  Which is more important in terms of preparing for the future?

These are just a few sample essay prompts, but they offer an idea of what you can be writing about to prepare yourself for future Research Papers and writing intensive assignments.  Prompts can ultimately also help you when it comes to term paper format and term paper editing.  You get familiar with the whole writing process, which can really prepare you for college classes that rely heavily on written assignments and lengthy papers.

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