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The Main Points of a Math Assignment Term Paper

Putting together a math assignment term paper can be extremely hard for those of us who are not particularly gifted at math.  The good news is that if you are good at writing in general – and writing Research Papers in particularly – then you do not have to be a math prodigy in order to do well.  Of course, some knowledge of the subject is necessary, but since this is a paper rather than an exam or a quiz, you will have lots of reference material at your disposal to give you a hand.

So, let us now discuss the basic fundamentals in crafting a math assignment term paper.  Before we tackle the math portion, we should begin with the term paper writing process itself.  Writing a math paper is no different from writing any other types of Research Papers.  Mind, we are talking about the basic structure here – format, set up, et cetera.  For this reason, a lot of people choose to go with that wonderful old standby, the five paragraph term paper.

And really, to some extent, a math assignment term paper is rather like an expository term paper as well.  After all, you are setting out to explain something.  Still, remember, although an expository generally takes the form of a five paragraph term paper, one does not denote the other.

Now then, for the math paper specifically, you do need to include a few things in addition to the basic structure of the introduction with a cogent thesis statement, the body with proof of your argument, and the conclusion with a reiteration of the thesis statement.  Somewhere within the introduction, you also have to present your understanding of the problem at hand.  You also need to include any theorems and equations associated with the problem, and they should be well illustrated.

After that, somewhere in the body, you begin presenting your math term paper ideas.  Any assumptions you have concerning the problem should be clearly presented and discussed.  You also have to present any proof associated with the problem about which you are writing.  They need to be enforced, and you have to show how they are related to the problem – and your assumptions.  Within the conclusion, you simply need to summarize what you have discovered, and that explanation – along with your restated thesis statement – needs to be very clear and concise.

The main point of a math assignment term paper is to show that you have learned the concepts being covered in class.  It is a way for your instructor to judge your mathematical aptitude and you ability to approach the theorems you have learned in an analytical manner.  At heart, this paper is not much different than other research papers.  It is just a way for you to illustrate your own knowledge and understanding – and hey, it is much easier to write about math problems than to take a seventy five problem exam.

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