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Controversial Research Topics

The term controversial is something relative. But if a lot of people regard a topic to be significant and it stirs a lot of discussions, then you can select controversial research topics for your own term paper.

There are so many interesting research paper topics to talk about. If you are tasked to write about a term paper, then you can select those that are closest to your heart. Practically, this is a good start since it will be much easier for you to conduct researches among such domains than selecting subjects that you are not really familiar with.

So what are the possible controversial research topics to consider? I cannot simply give you specific topics but let us tackle some general domains where most controversial discussion comes from.

Religion-In the world, there are at least hundreds of religions. Now, if you are a person who wants to use argumentative research paper topics, then you can write a term paper that will elicit critical thinking among your readers by extending the notion of what a true religion is.

Scientific Breakthroughs-We are not really new to topics that involve science. In most cases, controversial research topics come from radical scientific breakthroughs where people are shocked and awed by the results. Therefore, they immediately conclude that the subject is controversial. You can utilize topics like space exploration, global warming or cloning a human baby.

Morality and ethics-This aspect is also relative to the person. Therefore, it is a good source of controversial research topics. Some examples of expository essays can discuss about death penalty, abortion or justice in the society. You can definitely find something that will suit your taste.

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