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The Components of an Anthology Term Paper

To put it extremely likely, writing an anthology term paper can be very hard.  To make matters worse, there is not a lot of help to be found on the Internet – no guidelines, no potential ideas, no format tips, et cetera.  A lot of you might be sitting there right now and scoffing, “That’s what reference books are for,” and that is certainly true – except for the fact that a lot of college students rely on the Internet for technical help.  If you do not, congratulations, but the fact remains that the Internet can be an excellent resource for help in a wide array of academic papers.  That being said, it is definitely time to add guidelines on anthology papers into the mix.

One of the first thing you need to do is consider possible anthology term paper ideas.  What do you want the anthology to be on, in other words?  Do you want to focus on poetry of a certain nature, or short stories based around particular subjects?  Would you like to focus on a single poet or do you want to make your anthology revolve around a specific author?  There are really no limits on what your anthology term paper can be about, you just have to learn how to hone it down into something strong and thought provoking.

Having made that decision, no matter what subject you have decided on, you are now going to have to go about the sometimes difficult task of gathering reprint permissions.  For example, let us say that you want to present the poetry of some of the American expatriates who flocked to Paris during the early nineteen hundreds.  This topic has been done quite to death, mind you, so it is just an example – unless of course you are so interested that your enthusiasm could bring some fresh perspective or you have discovered something new.

The point is that in addition to the whole term paper writing process, extensive enough on its own, you may have to spend an extensive amount of time calling the publishing companies who have published works by Ezra Pound and Allen Ginsberg, for example.  You need to be aware that receiving permission to permit the works of such poets – and any other author truly – may be time consuming at best and quite expensive at worst.  However it is widely realized that most publishing companies will try to be extremely accommodating and tend not to charge, especially if the reprint rights are required for something like an anthology term paper.

Given the fact that you may have to pay for some of the reprints, however, before you get to this point you also need to sit down and think about what works by which poets you want to include.  Research Papers are extensive projects, this is true, but nevertheless you cannot turn in a forty page paper filled to the brim with more reprinted poetry than your own insights and research.  That definitely does not make for a good term paper.  Pare down what you need, use only what is relevant; it is not necessary to include every single one of your favorite pieces.

Lastly, like any other similar work, an anthology term paper is largely dependent on structurally correct, technically sound term paper format.  Just because this is something of a creative paper does not mean that it should not be factually and technically flawless.

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