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Three Parts of a Term Paper

Before you go on a journey to write your term paper, you should have the information about the parts of a term paper. Basically, a term paper is a very structured article that you must write. It can contain research results so it is necessary that you know how to format the parts. Let us give you some basic information about the parts of a term paper.

The introduction is the very first paragraph of any articles. For a term paper, it should contain the explanation why the topic was chosen. Remember that there are two kinds of readers, one who is familiar with the optic that you have chosen and the other is a clueless reader. Therefore, make sure that you introduce the topic and the scope of discussion to your general readers. The introduction is the best place to do this.

Anything the follows after the introduction of is called the body. It can contain a single or several paragraphs. The number of segments will depend on how much you want to talk about the topic or what the topic is all about. The main agenda in writing the body is to talk about the topic. It should be where the discussions should be made. If the introduction gets your readers acquainted with the topic, the body makes it a point to expand the topic for them to literally understand it.

The last of the parts of a term paper is the conclusion. It should be the main summary of the whole term paper. However, the main agenda of the conclusion is to wrap up all the important details discussed in the body. It may also present the resolution to the problem if the thesis statement involved a question.

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