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Term Paper Structure

All students need to be aware of the term paper structure that they should follow. This way, they can truly write a term paper that will expose the great features of their research. In order to help you better understand the term paper structure, we will give you pointers on what to include in each segment of the paper.

Before we list down the contents of each segment, you should remember to put a cover page, table of contents and sometimes an acknowledgement page. These parts will make your paper look more formal.

Introduction – this is the primary paragraph of the term paper. It should contain the following information:

  • Explanation of the problem statement
  • The goal of writing the term paper
  • The relevance and significance of the term paper topic
  • What questions will be answered in the term paper
  • The outline of the term paper discussion

Body – this part can be in a single or multiple paragraph structure. It contains the main discussion parameters of the term paper. The body should have the following info:

  • The synthesis of the literature and its interpretation
  • The methodological concerns of the research
  • The current status of the research process
  • The opinion and viewpoint of the author

Conclusion – this is the finalizing paragraph of the term paper structure. It wraps up all the contents of the term paper. The conclusion should contain the following:

  • Reiteration of the problem statement
  • The results of the research
  • The resolution for the problem statement
  • The summary of the entire term paper

If you want to learn more term paper structure tips, simply use a term paper sample from our database. The materials are all available for free.

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