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Term Paper Proposal for Your Writing Plan

The task of writing a term paper involves so much researching. Of course you need to first look for the information that you wish to discuss about. Then you can write your own analysis of the materials you have used and possible integrate your thoughts and opinions to the paper. So what is this term paper proposal that I heard? A proposal is simply a plan that you wish tot execute. Before you can do the task, you need to have the proposal approved by your adviser. This is simply very similar to writing a research paper proposal. But since a good term paper does not need to have the same structure as a thesis paper, you can minimize your writing processes with a good proposal at hand.

A term paper proposal is like a research plan and you only need to tell a few details about your goal. In the proposal you can just write your introductory sentence and explain why you want to utilize a topic. Then you can write the thesis statement of your writing goal. Next is to provide details about where you will get your research materials and how you will use them. Lastly, provide a conclusion or an assumption in your proposal as to what you expect out of the research procedure.

To make your life easier, let me tell you that the basic parts of a term paper are simply the same as those in an ordinary essay; introduction, body paragraphs and the conclusion. The term paper proposal is simply preparing you to write these parts so that you can minimize your time in researching and writing because you already have a direction goal.

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