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Term Paper Outline Format

Understanding the Term Paper Outline Formats

The term paper outline is among the most helpful tools for impressive and effective term paper writing. But students often tend to ignore it either because they are unaware of its significance or because they are not sure of how to go about it. But it is always better to take some effort to learn how to prepare an outline than to compromise by omitting it just because you are not sure of the term paper outline format.

The purpose of an outline

First you must understand the purposes of an outline in order to be able to appreciate it fully. There are various purposes which are served by an outline.

• Creating a frame to contain the points.
• Organizing the points.
• Allocating them the right place.
• Sorting of strong and weak points.
• Weeding out irrelevant points.
• Helping to avoid accidental digression.
• Giving an overview of the points.

and so on.

Considering all these, it is needless to say that ignorance of the term paper outline format is not a good enough excuse for omitting it. All projects come with specific instructions regarding the term paper formats. But none of them come with instructions regarding the type of outline to be used. In fact, there are very few which even insist on the use of an outline. Then, why does the outline have specific formats and why should you be careful while choosing the format for your outline? The reason why an outline should have a format is because it has so many tasks to accomplish.

But what matters above everything else is that you are able to decipher the outline when you go back to it for the purpose of developing it into a research paper. If you fail to remember what you had meant while outlining, when you look at the outline, then it would fail the whole purpose of the term paper outline. Hence, while choosing a particular format to outline your term paper, the first thing you must worry about is your understanding of the various term paper outline formats.

Some of the commonly used term paper outline formats

1. The structural pattern

a) The abstract
b) Literature review
c) The methodology
d) Title page
e) Introduction
f) Body paragraph I
g) Body paragraph II
h) Body paragraph III
i) Conclusion
j) References

2. Based on the structural elements

a) The topic
b) The hypothesis
c) The main point
d) The second main point
e) The third main point
f) The sources

The outline will not be a part of the formal document. Hence you can choose to pick any one of the term paper outline formats for your project, as long as you are clear with the classification principle.

If you are not feeling confident about preparing your term paper outline or the outline for research paper project, or if you are not able to understand the concept of an outline, we can help you. Our academic writers would be able to prepare a custom outline for you a per your preferred term paper outline format. We also offer custom Research Papers to students who are finding it tough to cope with their work pressure. You may take a look at the examples of APA format papers, college Research Papers and sample expository essays listed on our website, in the samples section. That will help you evaluate the proficiency of our writers.

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