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Term Paper Outline – Building the Parts

What is a term paper outline and how can it help me? A term paper is a compendium of different research methods and applied to a singular topic interest. Just like writing an ordinary essay, the term paper outline provides a sense of direction and backbone of purpose in writing. So what are the parts necessary for the term paper outline? First of all, you should have a good term paper topic for writing. In this aspect, it is crucial that your topic is interesting, relevant and feasible. Now a term paper outline should have the basic parts of an essay.

The introduction paragraph provides the main purpose of writing about the topic. This is where you are trying to capture the attention of the readers and let them become acquainted with your problem statement or the thesis statement. A normal term paper format should have the thesis statement at the introductory paragraph to let the readers build their personal perspectives about the issue.

The body of the term paper format is like the usual body paragraphs of other essays. It can be divided into several sub parts depending on the topic and the issue that you wish to talk about. For example, you can partition the body into the following format:

  1. Header 1: the background of the topic or the history of the issue.
  2. Header 2: the involved parties in the problem, its impact and who are affected.
  3. Header 3: the actual effects of the issue and the underlying consequences.
  4. Header 4: the recommended solutions to the issue.

The last part of the term paper outline is the conclusion. It is the summary of the entire paper and that you can deliberately provide the resolution to the thesis statement. Most college research paper formats have a conclusion that reflects the attempted solution to the thesis statement.

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