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Term Paper Editing Techniques

Term paper editing is an essential but often overlooked part of writing.  It is terribly easy to scan through a rough draft while it is still on the computer screen, fix a few glaring errors here and there, and then call it good.  Show of hands – how many of you have done this?  Your faithful author is guilty of it too – as well as finally reading the hard copy of the “final draft” in class, the day it is due, only to find tons of little mess ups that could ultimately pull down the paper’s final grade.

Read carefully: do not do this ever again.  In order to be graded highly, Research Papers need to be as close to flawless as you can possibly get them.  It is very difficult to accurately proofread and edit a paper while you are still looking at it on your computer screen – and this is a scientific fact.  The computer screen jumps, this can mess with your eyes, and you can miss a lot of points.  You may be able to get around this by sending it to a few people to proofread for you, but make sure that, if you simply do not want to print out your paper for term paper editing purposes, then send it to at least three people who are willing to read over it.

Without a doubt, the best way to edit your Research Papers is to print them out first.  You will be able to incorporate and comprehend the information therein much more clearly.  It is also a good idea to edit your paper several times – with breaks in between each session.  When you have finished your paper and printed it out, walk away from it before editing it for the first time.  Do the same each time you come back to proofread it.  A winning technique is to place a black sheet of paper, a ruler, et cetera – some kind of straight edge, in other words, preferably but not necessarily something that covers up the entire page – and use it to help you reach your paper line by line.  This will keep your eyes from jumping all around the page, which could cause you to miss the kind of glaring error that should never be seen in a good term paper.  While it may seem time consuming, this type of term paper editing can save you from those small mistakes that you end up kicking yourself for later.

As far as term paper format goes, you should use references for editing.  For example, if your paper is written in MLA style, then compare your format to the term paper examples found in an MLA reference book.  The same goes for APA style, Chicago style, or whatever style your professor assigned.

Term paper editing can be tedious, but you must understand how invaluable it is.  While writing draft after draft may seem like an unnecessary part of the term paper writing process, it is really an integral part.  Your rough draft is just that – rough.  If you want the final paper you turn in to be rough as well, then by all means, do not edit your paper in a detailed and extensive manner.  However if you want to present a winning paper which reads as though it was written by someone who cares about the work they are doing, then follow these simple techniques and edit your paper properly.

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