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Research Paper Proposal for Planning

Even before you begin writing your term paper, it is necessary that you first submit a research paper proposal for proper evaluation. The proposal is like a plan that you need to have approved by your teacher or adviser. This will somehow make sure that your topic if a good choice and that you will have guidance in writing the entire term paper. So what are the necessary parts of a research paper proposal?

  1. Just like the research paper format, the proposal should have the introduction. This is where you will define what the topic is all about and why you think is crucial to talks about it.
  2. The methods of researching should also be included in the proposal. Some examples of research papers can give you hints how to compose the methods part. In the proposal, explain how you will undertake the process of researching.
  3. Literature review is also an important part of the proposal because it will measure the true significance of the selected topic. Make sure to input some details where you will be getting your reference materials.
  4. The last part of the research paper proposal is the assumption and hypothesis. You need to provide in the paper that things that you will expect to come up after you have completed the research paper. Provide some information about the possible results and how they will ultimately give you the answer to the problem statement.

Term paper writing should always start with the realization of a research paper proposal. You need to have an approved one before you can continue with your research paper writing. You can browse through our samples section for more guides.

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