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Research Paper Outline – Identifying the Parts

What can we do if we wan tot make a good term paper? A research paper outline may be the best plan tool to serve as guidance in writing. It is very similar to a research paper proposals only that you can adjust the contents of the outline for proper utilization of your capacity to write a paper. In most cases, the research paper outline is also similar to an ordinary essay outline. The difference is that you are going to conduct researching and present your results based on the research procedures.

So what does a research paper outline contain? How to write a research paper should not be a big problem for you especially that you can first compose an outline,. Here are the basic parts of a research paper:

  1. Introduction – the paragraph or chapter that presents the background of the research. It provides reasons why the topic was selected and it contains the thesis statement.
  2. Literature review – the part where other synthesized documents are summarized It provides a new way to understand the significance of the subject.
  3. Methods – this part provides information about how the study was conducted and what methods were used for the study.
  4. Discussions – it is important that you compose a term paper outline that provides discussions about how the research results can readily support the hypothesis and the thesis statement. You must talk about how the results relate to the problem statement and how they can provide resolutions.
  5. Conclusion – this is the summary of the entire research paper. You also need to specify the answer to the problem statement.

A research paper outline can be a big help if you know what parts to include in it. If you wish to write a good research paper, always make it a point to construct an outline.

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