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Research Paper Outline

A research paper outline is like a plan for writing your research paper. Most Research Papers will have to include an outline that is generally useful to plan ahead the parts that you wish to include. In another aspect, the research paper outline gives the term paper a backbone that will help it follow the recognized format in writing. That is why you need to know the parts involved in writing your paper.

Term paper writing involves several chapters and parts. As a general outline, you only need to be concerned of the introduction, body and the conclusion parts. This is applicable to most basic essays. But a research paper gives more ideas, results and assumptions when you have conducted the research process. That is why several parts join in. Let us list down the basic segments of research papers.

  1. Title page – gives the name of your term paper.
  2. Introduction – the background of the study and the thesis statement platform.
  3. Literature review – the summary of another research paper.
  4. Methodology – the part where you will input the data gathering and data analysis procedures.
  5. Data and Analysis – chapter for the analysis of data values.
  6. Conclusion – the entire summary of the paper. You can also answer your research question here.
  7. Bibliography page – the place where you put the entries of your cited referenced materials. You can use the APA format research paper or the MLA style of writing.

More research paper outline guides can be obtained from our website. You can download some of our term paper examples for your reference. Please take a look at our sample database and conveniently use our resources.

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