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Research Paper Outline

The research paper method of writing can also be applied to simple tasks like term paper construction. Technically, the two have the same systems in writing only that they belong to some scopes of understanding; a term paper is usually required in high school while full research papers like theses and dissertations are required in college. In any case, the same effect of writing a research paper outline is a very crucial step.

High school Research Papers also have a defined outline of writing which is practical and easier to sue. You can also apply this system to your research paper in college later on. So what is the correct outline in writing? Actually, there is no other way but to discuss the main chapters of a research paper. This sequence will serve as your outline. Look at the following descriptions for your reference.

Introduction: this is the first chapter of a thesis paper. This is where you are going to discuss the general outlook for your research goal.

Literature Review: a summary of another work that is related to your topic. An example term paper can be used if you want to know how to write the chapter.

Methodology: this is the chapter where you are going to present your methods of rehearing. You can write about data gathering and data analysis in general.

Data-Analysis-Results: this is where you are going to present all the numerical results of your analysis to prove your thesis statement.

Conclusion: the last part of the research paper outline where you will summarize everything about your research paper. Also, the answer to your problem statement should be answered here.

There are so many types of research papers where you can apply the presented research paper outline. From argumentative research paper topics to expository research papers, all of them can use the chapter guide in writing a thesis.

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  • yankumi

    pls. help me to know how to write a term paper..pls. give me an example…tnx..

  • Richard

    Dear Ynakumi,
    Please download a sample in the SAMPLES section of this website.

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