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Outline of Term Paper

There is always a need to create an outline of term paper. You should start with an outline so that there is a direction or path in writing the term paper parts. But sometimes, students tend to forget how important an outline is. Let us give you some pointers on how to make your outline as efficient as possible.

The outline of term paper should immediately reflect the basic parts of the actual term paper. Actually, your outline is the overall plan of writing. It gives you the backbone as to what you should put in the term paper. Usually, the outline is composed of several paragraph or chapter parts. But how do we actually build a simple outline? Here is a sample outline that you can follow:

Title of the Term paper

Thesis statement

First paragraph – introduction

Succeeding paragraphs

Main Topic – Sub topic 1, Sub topic 2….

Main Topic 2 – Sub topic 1, Sub topic 2…


If you need to add more pages for formality, you can also put a cover page and bibliography page for the term paper. This is usually needed if your contents are based on research. However, even small articles like essays may need to incorporate such pages.

The outline of term paper is the same as the one used in thesis papers. The research paper proposal gives you an idea how to write the different parts of the actual paper. This way, you can easily tweak it based on your preferences. If you need any writing guide materials, use our term paper samples today.

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