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Details to Include in a Research Paper Cover Page

A research paper cover page is simply one of the main parts of an entire term paper. Actually, this is not considered a primary segment because the cover page is like, well, a covering for the entire document. So what is so special about a cover page in any research projects? A cover page serves as the host of the title for your term paper. Without it, you research paper will be nameless. Also, the cover page provides the space where your title of research will be written. In this case, you cannot simply call your research paper a “research paper” because you need to provide a title for it. This is where the cover page plays an important role.

In any term paper writing schemes, the cover page can be the simplest to construct. It does not require thinking. All you need to know is how to format the cover page and what details should be incorporated. Let me simply list down the details that you need to write in the cover page:

  1. Term paper title.
  2. Your name as the author of the document.
  3. Class section
  4. Academic year
  5. professor’s name
  6. Date of submission.

As you can see, there are only a few things to include in the cover page. This is applicable to any types of research paper formats like for an MLA format research paper or an APA style of citation.

So how do we arrange the entries in a research paper cover page? The title of the work should be centered at the upper portion of the page. You can then put your name just below the title. In some case, you may write your name at the very center of the page in both lengthwise and crosswise directions. Lastly, the remaining entries can be written in a singular block of information just below the page, also in centered position.

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