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Creating the Cover Page Term Paper Section

The cover page term paper section is a vital but often overlooked part of the paper.  In fact, writing a good cover page presents you with the first opportunity to grab the reader’s attention.  So it is definitely best not to leave it to the last minute – fortunately there are some tips you can follow that will simplify the whole process.

First of all, please realize that the term paper format for your cover page may vary.  Generally professors follow a set format, but some of them have their own specific preferences.  Still, in general, the correct cover page term paper format involves the following information:

•    your first name and your last name;
•    course name and number;
•    the semester and year;
•    the date of submission
•    the title
•    and the appropriate university information – professor’s name, school name, et cetera.

Remember, as well, that the citation style your professor chooses will make a difference in the information you have to include in the cover page term paper section.  For example, MLA style is quite simple, or your professor may prefer APA or Chicago style term paper format.

The best way to tell what your cover page should look like is to look at a well written, well structured term paper example.  Specifically, you should look for one written in the appropriate format.  Make sure it is a really good term paper, unless of course you also want to see exactly what you should not do.  Likely, you can also see a proper cover page example simply by asking your professor for a bit of help.

In high school, you may have been tempted to create borders or even designs or graphics on your cover page.  That is not considered appropriate in college.  Keep your cover page simple and, dare one say, elegant in its presentation.  A cluttered cover page is going to draw the eye, perhaps, but it will be in a negative way.  In fact, it may distract your reader rather than intriguing him or her.

Basically, it is just vital for you to realize that the term paper writing process does not begin with the body of the paper – nor does it end there. There are so many more elements needed to make up a good term paper. The cover page is the first the your reader sees. Like say, it is your first opportunity to impress, interest, and intrigue.

Writing the cover page term paper section may seem like the simplest part of the entire process.  In truth, all of the Research Papers you will ever write will be in some way dependent on their cover pages.  A sloppily written one, a cluttered one, a badly formatted one – all of them can take away from the value of your paper itself.  That may not seem fair, but that is why it is so crucial to remember that your cover page creates your paper’s first impression.  Naturally, if it is not well done, no one is going to have that much faith for what is behind it.

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  • Esther

    I need to know how to make a cover page with my xp word. I cant seem to get it centered in the middle.
    I also have to write an arguement paper, help

  • Support

    Dear Esther,
    Kindly provide me with the topic so that I can explain to you how it needs to be done.Or else let us say that the topic is about Business and Accounting.
    Then you have to state the name of the University on the upper top of the page, followed by the title on the middle of the page.
    Your name and group number and class and all should be found in the right corner always.
    Site Admin

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