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College Research Papers

There are so many types of written projects that are imposed to the students to write. In college, there are some subjects that will demand you to write different sets of college research papers. No matter what names they call them; dissertations, research papers, Research Papers or theses, the same instructional aspects are always implemented all the time. So if you are eager to learn a trick or two in writing your dissertation, then consider reading the following texts.

High school Research Papers are usually the basic versions of most evolved college research papers. During those early stages in the secondary level, students are taught to use an outline that will guide them to perfectly compose their research papers. For a college level, this outline is no longer a simple plan but a composition of pre-defined chapters. The chapters should be included so that academic evaluators can easily handle the paper according to the standards.

College research papers may tackle a variety of things. The approaches are also diverse. You can write an argumentative research paper or use persuasive paper topics at your convenience. However, the same chapter format will remain the same no matter what the subject or the goal of the writer may be. The following segments are important parts of any college research papers:

A.    Introduction-overview of the study; plays host to the thesis statement and the problem statements.
B.    Literature review-a summary of another person’s work related to the topic interest of the research paper.
C.    Methodology-the part where data gathering, data analysis and the procedures in writing the overall paper are all discussed.
D.    Data-Analysis-Results-the chapter where all numerical values from the research is presented.
E.    Conclusion-the final chapter where the discussion of the problem statement is resolved.

It is also possible to use the formats in citations that you have previously utilized in your high school papers. The Harvard, MLA, APA and Chicago styles are all useful in writing college research papers. You may also try to use an example term paper from us if you are having a hard time understanding these citation formats. Now, you can start writing your college research papers.

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