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The Importance of College Application Essay Prompts

You will not encounter many writing assignments which will prove to be more important than college application essay prompts.  If you do not have the best grades or if you have not participated in a lot of extra curricular activities, then sometimes your college essay can save you.  That is, it can mean the difference between getting accepted to the colleges and universities you really want to attend, and getting rejected.  In fact, it is a determining factor far more often than you might think.

So, let’s discuss, first of all, how you can prepare for your application essay.  First of all, the best thing you can do is practice with different college application essay prompts.  You can never really tell which writing prompts you will get on any particular college applications.  However, most of them are in the same vein, they are in some way similar.  It is easy to find possible application questions simply by doing a search on the Internet.  You can also talk to friends, family members, and acquaintances who are experienced with sending in applications.  Most importantly, your guidance counselor should have a lot of resources available to help you prepare for this vital part of your college applications.

Once you have a variety of college application essay prompts with which you can practice, it is really time to get to work.  First of all, separate them into categories.  You see, for the most part, these essay prompts follow a sertain format.  For example, some of them lead to expository essays, others lead to persuasive essays, and practically all of them encompass the aspects seen in personal essays – meaning, you will most likely be talking about yourself in some way.

So, when tackling expository essay prompts, you need to remember the necessities.  Namely, what you write needs to be clear and concise.  Most importantly, remember that you will have to explain something, and you need to be able to back up whatever it is.

To an extent, persuasive essay prompts are easier.  And honestly, most of these writing prompts are persuasive.  After all, no matter what the subject is, you are still trying to persuade your reader to accept you into the university.  The question may be why you are majoring in your chosen field of study, why you want to go to that particular university, what you intend to accomplish there, and things of that nature.  Still, you are trying to show the reader that accepting you as a student will somehow benefit that institution.

College application essay prompts may seem simple.  Ostensibly, they are; their true nature is much more complex, however.  They deal with your future, after all, which makes them hugely important.  Practicing with some even before you start submitting applications can help you hone your writing skills.  Your technical writing will be better and you will know what you need to write for each essay style.  As far as length goes, you are generally safe by adopting the standard five paragraph term paper format, because that allows you to include everything you need without fear of writing either too much or too little. Learn more about a custom essay you can order online.

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