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Term Paper Style

When we talk about term paper style of writing, we usually denote it as something related to the layout. But one technical feature of style in writing is the application of citation formats. In most Research Papers you need to include results coming from research. Therefore, a term paper style may mean a way to apply citation schemes.

There are two basic citation styles that you can apply. You can use the APA or the MLA format. In any case, the usage will be determined by the types of topics you want to write about. The APA format is usually used for topics on medicine, health, science and technology, for example, a psychology term paper. On the other hand, the MLA style us used mainly for humanities as well as the arts and literature, for example, a literature term paper.

What are the scopes of applying a term paper style?

  • First come the in-text citations. You simply have to integrate an article’s part to your paper.
  • Then comes the segment in quotation marks.
  • Afterwards comes the author’s last name together with either page number (MLA) or publication year (APA). Enclose the details in parentheses.
  • Last is the bibliography page writing part. List down the sources from which you had retrieved the info that you integrated to your paper.

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