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Common Term Paper Citation Styles

There are a number of term paper citation styles that you can use for your project, instead of looking for some other reference materials about this topic, we will simply make your life much easier by discussing the main differences of the two most utilizes formats for referencing, the APA and MLA formats.

Term paper citations are necessary because you are making your paper more professionally written. This is like making sure that you will not encounter any plagiarism offenses because you have recognized the materials that you used for the writing process. Referencing and citing your resources ensures that you have credibility with your research results. Now, there are at least two major types of citation styles that most academic writers tend to use. The first one is the American Psychological Association style or the APA. Most research papers that are related to science in general use this format. It is also often used for topics like medicine, health care, physics, math and other similar technical subjects. When you use in –text citation under APA, you only need to enclose the part in quotation marks. After that, put the author’s last name and the publication year of the source. Enclose them in parenthesis. The pagination style is in a way in which you will put the title of your document followed by the corresponding page. On the other hand, the MLA or Modern Language Association format is usually used for topics other than the sciences. These are humanities, philosophy, literature, the arts and all other similar domains. Instead of the publication year in the in text citation, you will put the page number of the article. For example a history term paper may have in text citation parameter like (Jones 56) for MLA instead of (Jones 1997) for APA. When it comes to pagination style, you will put your last name beside each every page number of the document.

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